Founded in 2018 by Tim Veh, VT audio-production offers high-resolution music productions for different kind of genres. To ensure an absolute lossless audio-path, the studio was completely redesigned in 2019.

Everything was designed, engineered and built from scratch. The studio is generally based on a digital work place with everything you need for a professional record. In addition, because analogue gear is still a big part of any music production, we decided to extend that digital workstation with a few analogue goodies, to give your record that kind of black magic “Mojo” everyone is talking about ;P – And it is just fun to turn real knobs

In general, our services include anything from pre- or post-productions to the final mix of your record:

✔️ Mixing (Ask for a FREE TEST MIX!)

✔️ Mix Preparation

✔️ Delivery File Preparation

✔️ Editing / Arranging

✔️ Drum-Sampling

✔️ Vocal tuning / Vocal doubling

…….or anything else you may need!

All Files can be send as printed audio-files or send us directly your personal Pro Tools or Logic Pro X session. For further information check out our download-page.


So why Mixing?

All songs which were published in the past went trough a kind of mixing process. The reason for mixing a song is to put all single microphone-signals and recordings in a musical ratio. This will transport the best of every single instrument and vocal directly to the listener.

The Mixing process itself contains a lot of conception, creativity and effort to unmask the heart of the song and transport it to the listener.

During this process all single sources will be shaped with compressors, EQ´s, Saturation, etc. to reach a well balanced and big sounding result. There are a lot of great plugins on the market but we’re using for 90% the stuff from Universal Audio and Izotope.

Pending on the genre of the music, also effects like reverbs and delays will be added to the mix. We are also working here with Universal Audio Plugins, mainly.

The color of sound

Since we’re mixing within a hybrid setup, all mixes run trough a high-resolution, analogue signal chain at the end of the mixing process. The combination of analogue summing, buss-compression, harmonic distortion by hitting transformers and analogue circuits and different types of tape coloration glues everything perfectly together.